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The police can only search for evidence or make arrests on the authority of a warrant in Pueblo County CO, which is an order from a court. Judges and magistrates will issue a warrant if there is a probable reason. A prosecutor or member of the police must also provide written testimony.
The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution prohibits arbitrary detentions, searches, and seizures without a warrant. Typically, evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment cannot be utilized to prosecute those who were the illegitimate search and seizure targets.

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Pueblo County CO Resources.

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO Warrant Search)
909 Court St, Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) 583-6125
Wanted Person Search

Combined Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Juvenile, Traffic, Domestic)
501 N Elizabeth St Pueblo, CO 81003
Online Search – Web
Online Search – Web (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

Pueblo Police Department
200 S Main St, Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) 553-2502
Wanted List

Online Pueblo County Warrant Search

You may locate warrant records in several ways when doing a Pueblo County warrant search. For copies of any active warrants in your region, contact your neighborhood police department.
You can also find out whether there are any active arrest warrants via a background check.

Accessing Court Records

To find a warrant still in effect, get in touch with the court that issued it. For getting warrant information, each court has its own protocol and procedures.
The court’s website or direct contact with them will typically yield this information.
If you’re not sure which court issued the warrant, you can look it up in nationwide databases.

Warrant Search By The Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

You can contact the county’s sheriff’s office to examine warrant records. The local Pueblo County sheriff’s office will have a record of every issued warrant.

Bench Warrants for Pueblo County

A bench warrant is a formal directive from a court, judge, or other official allowing the designated individual to be detained and arrested. When a party neglects a planned hearing, this normally happens.
Law enforcement may detain and arrest the subject of a bench warrant. A Pueblo County bench warrant is issued when someone misses a court date or disregards their probationary conditions.

List Of Arrest Warrants Issued By Pueblo County

Police in Pueblo County CO can detain a suspect who is being sought for a crime if they have an arrest warrant. If there is adequate evidence to charge the person, they can be brought to jail.

Warrant For The Arrest Of Fugitives

An arrest warrant for a person fleeing justice is a court order. When a suspect in a criminal case flees the county or the state to avoid being arrested, a warrant like this is issued.

Search Warrant

To search your home, place of business, or vehicle for criminally related evidence, the police need a search warrant. A warrant is also necessary if they wish to search any of your possessions, including your computer or phone.

Pueblo County CO Warrant Search For Free

Online warrant records are accessible in a variety of ways in Pueblo County CO. The webpage of the law enforcement organization that issued your warrant should be checked or search court documents.

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