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There may be numerous reasons for you to search for criminal records – perhaps for a background check on a potential individual and to reveal any previous issues that might resurface.
It is essential to note some factors when looking for Pueblo County criminal records. To start with, not all criminal records are public. Secondly, even public records might be hard to locate if you can only pull them by stopping by in person at the court. Knowing the relevant county is necessary as they are maintained at the county level.

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Local Pueblo County CO Criminal Record Sources.

Combined Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Civil, Eviction, Small Claims, Probate, Juvenile, Traffic, Domestic)
501 N Elizabeth St Pueblo, CO 81003
Online Search
Online Search (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

Pueblo County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO)
909 Court St, Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) 583-6125
Inmate Lookup
Request a Report / Records
Wanted Person Search
Sex Offender Registry

Pueblo Police Department
200 S Main St, Pueblo, CO 81003
Phone: (719) 553-2502
Sex Offenders
Wanted List
Criminal Justice Records Request

Pueblo County Court Records

A Pueblo County court database acts as an excellent source of details for criminal cases. Before utilizing a court database, ascertain which court has jurisdiction over the case of interest – this information is typically readily available on the court’s website. When you’ve identified the relevant court, you can browse its database using the defendant’s name to find the case and view associated court documents, including indictments or sentencing documents.

Pueblo County Police Records

To view Pueblo County police records, you need to adhere to guidelines. This involves sending a request including your personal and contact details to the police holding the records. You may also need to supply identification, like a driver’s license or passport. Upon receiving your request, the agency will determine whether the records are available. If you have concerns about police records, direct contact with the law enforcement agency is suggested.

Records of Arrests

An arrest record is vital for law enforcement officers and private investigators when examining an individual’s Pueblo County criminal history. A criminal background check based on arrest records can expose whether someone has been convicted and their charges.

Data On Inmates

To check inmate records, visit your state’s Department of Corrections website, which should report all inmates in the prison system. Additionally, you can go to the Pueblo County jail for jail inmate records.

Criminal Records By Category:


A Pueblo County infraction, normally not considered a criminal offense, can be more severe depending on its severity. For instance, shoplifting could warrant a warning or escalate to a misdemeanor charge in case of repeated offenses.


A Pueblo County misdemeanor, a less serious offense than a felony, can result in a small fine or incarceration. On the other hand, a felony constitutes a more serious offense causing more substantial penalties, even death in extreme cases. Small crimes such as trespassing and petty theft are categorized as misdemeanors.

Pueblo County Felony Records

A Pueblo County felony is deemed the most major criminal offense. A conviction can lead to grave consequences, including prospective prison sentences and loss of specific civil rights. The prison sentence for a felony conviction can vary from a year to life, based on the crime and the state’s laws. Beyond imprisonment, a felony conviction can lead to losing voting rights and loss of the right to own a firearm.

Pueblo County Sex Offender Search

To access Pueblo County sex offender registry, contact your local police department or visit the state’s official website. The registry allows you to search for sex offenders utilizing their name, address, or other recognized information.

Pueblo County Dwi / Dui Records

A Pueblo County DUI conviction can have severe penalties such as imprisonment, suspension of driver’s license, and considerable fines. Repeat offenders might face stiffer penalties, including longer prison sentences and fines.

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