Mesa County Background Check

Mesa County Criminal Background Check
Search Public, Court, Property, Criminal, Financial Records and More!

Search Using A Database Used By Millions.

Always Updated and Extensive Database with over 2 Billion Records.

Save Time… Search Records In and Outside Colorado.

Many individuals and businesses perform Mesa County background checks using local records, and many get good benefits from it. Another advantage the public should consider is doing a personal background check. Finding out what shows up on your background record check is a great way to address possible problems you might identify in the report. If you discover errors, you can fix them before someone else looks you up for something important.

Research Solutions In Colorado State

Internet Criminal History Check System (ICHC) (CBI works as a department of the Colorado Department of Public Safety and is the principal repository of the criminal convictions information for the State of Colorado)
Web – ($5 for every search)

Courts Records Lookup (Use of trial court case information and archives will not be available directly with the Colorado Judicial Branch web page. For specific details in connection with a specific case, you need to visit or contact the court in which the action has been filed, or visit a commercial site which allows individuals to search a real-time register of activities of state court reports on the net.)

Court Docket Lookup
Web – (Cost-free Upto Six Months)

State Chosen Suppliers:
CoCourts LexisNexis – (Research Charge $5 to $10)
BIS Background Information Services, Inc –

Denver County (Not inside the statewide system) (Name Lookup Is $6)
Web –

Colorado Department of Corrections CDOC (Penitentiary Inmate Research)
Web –

Colorado Convicted Sex Offender Search (CBI doesn’t publish details regarding (1) sex offenders only found guilty of misdemeanor sex offenses, or (2) juveniles adjudicated for sex criminal activity.)
Web –

Business Record Lookup
Web –

Recorders Office (No individual statewide database: Virtually all counties feature a direct directory) (Certain vendors have a system having a combination of counties)
Web –
Web –
Web – (Real estate Tax and Assessor Records)

Mesa County Web Search Tools

Combined Court (Felony, Civil Actions over $15,000, Small Claims, Probate, Traffic, Juvenile, Domestic)
125 N Spruce, County District Court Grand Junction, CO 81502
Online Search –
Online Search – (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder
Web –

  • CU
  • Deeds
  • Divorce
  • Liens
  • Judgments
  • Marriage Docs
  • Military Discharge
  • ML
  • Plat
  • Property Foreclosure
  • Releases
  • SOS

Mesa County Assessor
Real Estate Information –
Property Sales Search –
Tax Information –

Mesa County Sheriff’s Office
215 Rice St, Grand Junction, CO 81501
(970) 244-3500
Jail Inmate Locator –
Blotter Reports –
Sex Offender Registry –
Records Unit –

  • Fingerprinting
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Inspections
  • Local Background Checks
  • Case/Incident Reports
  • Mug Shots

Mesa County Criminal Background Check

Most criminal background checks will only include infractions, which are generally punishable by fines. Infractions aren’t normally perceived as anything significant examples of infractions consist of littering, public intoxication, and jaywalking. Things like felonies and misdemeanors are more severe and should be looked at closer.

Prison Info and Mesa County Inmate Records

Right after an arrest, a suspect is usually taken into Mesa County police custody and “booked” or “processed.” During booking, a police officer typically takes the criminal suspect’s private information; documents info about the alleged offense; executes a background record search of the suspect’s criminal history; fingerprints, photos, and searches the suspect; confiscate any belongings held by the defendant (i.e., keys, handbag); as well as locks the defendant in the police holding cell or maybe a regional jail.

How You Can Perform A Free Background Check

Many of us are aware that Google is one of the preeminent databases of all time. And in this database, Google offers details of millions and billions of users and websites. Using Google, one could browse the necessary information as most of the people around will be found in Google in one way or the other. Thus, using Google, one could get cost-free data.

Law Enforcement Background Check Details

Police collect and capture a good deal of information on a Mesa County police report. The details within the typical law enforcement report vary from county to county, but most record similar information. This is to help guarantee thorough and accurate investigations and to support criminal procedures if they end up being needed. Additionally, background verification services can use them in background checks.

Selecting The Right Background Check Resources

National Criminal Insight
The national criminal information search is multiple jurisdictional investigations that involve many databases of information.

State Criminal Records Searches
A state criminal is a search of a state’s criminal history records database.

County Criminal Records Searches
A county criminal investigation is done either by an onsite, physical search of court records or a direct digital examination (if accessible) of the court’s records. A county criminal investigation is the best technique for any background assessment.

A federal criminal is the product of an investigation of U.S. District Courts (Federal courts).
The search is performed by onsite or by electronic access. Federal information usually does not have identifiers, for instance, birth date and social security numbers. Because of this, identification is difficult.

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