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A Fort Collins warrant is an authorization or order issued by a competent authority, such as a judge, authorizing police to search a person, location, vehicle, or house for evidence of an offense. Warrants can also be used to carry out arrest warrants.

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Larimer County Warrant Search

Fort Collins CO Resources.

City of Fort Collins Police Department (FCPD Warrant Search)
2221 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 221-6540
Court Warrants Guide

Larimer County Sheriff’s Department
2501 Midpoint Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 498-5100
Most Wanted

Combined Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions, Juvenile)
201 La Porte Ave, #100 Ft Collins, CO 80521
Online Search – Web
Online Search – Web (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

County Court (Loveland) (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions)
810 E 10th St, Ste 110 Loveland, CO 80537

Online Fort Collins Warrant Search

There are various methods for locating Fort Collins warrant records. To start contact the county clerk where the warrant records were issued.
Many law enforcement agencies have an internet most wanted list of people who have outstanding warrants.
You can also conduct a background check utilizing online services to discover someone with an outstanding warrant. These websites allow you to check public records and provide information about a person nationwide.

Accessing Court Records

You can find out if you have an outstanding warrant in your name by going to the courthouse in the county where the offense occurred. You can also use a third-party source to search via the internet.

Warrant Search By The Fort Collins Sheriff's Office

There are various ways to search warrant records at the sheriff’s office. Go to the station to access their records or call or email them. You will be required to provide some identifying information.
The records are also available online through the department’s website. This is the quickest and most simple method of locating records.

Bench Warrants for Fort Collins

A bench warrant is a court order that directs law enforcement to bring someone before a judge. A bench warrant may be issued when a person fails to appear for a hearing or court date. A Fort Collins bench warrant can be issued if an individual does not obey the terms of their release.

List Of Arrest Warrants Issued By Fort Collins

An arrest warrant is a document that authorizes law enforcement to arrest a person. A judge usually issues this document.
A Fort Collins warrant for arrest never expires. However, if fresh evidence is discovered or the warrant was obtained wrongly, a court might revoke it.

Warrant For The Arrest Of Fugitives

A fugitive warrant is an arrest warrant issued to a person who flees from one jurisdiction to avoid prosecution for a crime. In most circumstances, local and state police collaborate to locate and apprehend the individual.

Search Warrant

A search warrant is required when the Fort Collins authorities want to search your home, office, or other property for evidence of a crime.
A judge must approve the warrant and specify what the police are looking for and where they can search.

Fort Collins CO Warrant Search For Free

There are a few free websites that provide information on warrants. Always check with the court that issued the warrant to validate the information.

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