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While Fort Collins criminal records are accessible to the general public, the degree of access differs depending on the state where the crime occurred. Some criminal records are open to everyone, while others are only available to victims and their families.

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Larimer County Criminal Records

Local Fort Collins CO Criminal Record Sources.

City of Fort Collins Police Department
2221 S Timberline Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 221-6540
Requesting a Police Report

Combined Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions, Juvenile)
201 La Porte Ave, #100 Ft Collins, CO 80521
Online Search
Online Search (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

County Court (Loveland) (Misdemeanor, Traffic, Infractions)
810 E 10th St, Ste 110 Loveland, CO 80537

Larimer County Sheriff’s Department (LCSD)
2501 Midpoint Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525
Phone: (970) 498-5100
Jail Inmate Information
Most Wanted
Sex Offenders

Fort Collins Municipal Court
215 N Mason St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
Phone: (970) 221-6800

Fort Collins Court Records

To obtain criminal records, an efficient method is visiting the court where the case was considered. You can request copies of records from the Fort Collins clerk, though this might require a trip to the courthouse.

Fort Collins Police Records

To obtain information on someone’s Fort Collins criminal history, consulting their police records is an excellent strategy. Police records are public documents, implying anyone can access them. Nevertheless, access and usage may have specific constraints. You can initiate this process by contacting the police department in the city or county of the person’s home and requesting a copy of their police records, including all past arrests and charges.

Records of Arrests

An arrest record is a public record maintained by local Fort Collins, state, and federal law enforcement authorities that details an individual’s detentions, arrests, and interrogations.

Data On Inmates

Identify a reliable website for the search. While various websites declare to provide inmate details, their reliability can differ greatly. Once a trustworthy source is developed, input basic details about the inmate, such as their name and date of birth. These details should enable you to locate the preferred inmate record in Fort Collins CO.

Criminal Records By Category:


Fort Collins infractions, frequently considered minor offenses not punishable with jail time, are generally missing from a criminal record. The normal consequence of an infraction is a fine or other penalty, not criminal charges.


Convictions for Fort Collins misdemeanors can lead to probation, jail time, and a long-lasting criminal record, causing long-term repercussions. It may also restrict your eligibility for certain government benefits and limit travel to some nations.

Fort Collins Felony Records

A criminal record check will usually expose Fort Collins felonies. Nevertheless, exceptions exist: felonies older than seven years or those sealed or expunged might not appear. But other than that, most felonies will appear in a criminal record check.

Fort Collins Sex Offender Search

A public Fort Collins sex offender registry aims to inform the general public about people in their area convicted of a sex offense, thus aiding in the safety of people. The National Sex Offender Registry can be used to find registered sex offenders nearby.

Fort Collins Dwi / Dui Records

DUI charges differ across states, but all regard DUI offenses as serious and enforce severe punishments. The seriousness of the offense and the offender’s criminal history will affect the specific penalties, which can include license suspension, fines, or jail time.
Repeat offenses in Fort Collins CO can cause more serious repercussions, such as prolonged license suspension, increased fines, and necessary jail time. Some states mandate the installation of an ignition interlock device (IID) following DUI offenses.

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