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Criminal records in the United States are typically public, implying anybody can access them online. Nevertheless, some records, such as sealed or expunged ones, are restricted from public view.
People may look for Denver criminal records for various reasons, such as people screening or researching local crime incidents. It’s important to remember that not every criminal offense is reported to the police, so some things won’t be documented.

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Denver Police Department
1331 Cherokee St, Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (720) 913-6010
Fingerprinting Services & Background Checks
Order Police and Arrest Records Online

2nd District Court – Criminal (Felony)
520 W Colfax Ave, Rm 135 Denver, CO 80204
Online Search (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search Terminals – Yes

County Court – Criminal (Misdemeanor, Infractions)
520 W Colfax, Rm 160 Denver, CO 80202
Online Search
On Location Search Terminals – Yes

Denver County Sheriffs Department
490 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (720) 337-0200
Jail Inmate Search
Court Warrant Search
Records Requests
Sexual Offender Tracking And Registration

Denver Court Records

When seeking somebody’s past criminal records, remember that not all criminal offenses are public records, and some public records may have access limitations. Regardless of these restrictions, there are methods to identify whether somebody has a Denver criminal background. You can call the local court where they were convicted or browse online databases when available.

Denver Police Records

Police records offer important insight into a person’s Denver criminal history, assisting you in deciding whether to maintain a relationship with them. You can request these records directly from the police or from the state police department, which frequently houses a repository of local police records.

Records of Arrests

The laws identifying what constitutes a public record vary from state to state. To access Denver public arrest records, contact the relevant government establishment in the state where the arrest occurred. Depending upon the state, you may be able to access records online or request them in person or by mail.

Data On Inmates

Inmate records in Denver CO are useful for determining if somebody has a criminal record. These records can supply historical information about a person that can assist you in choosing whether you want to have a connection with them still or be more careful.

Criminal Records By Category:


Denver infractions cover a broad spectrum, with traffic-related ones being the most typical. An infraction, less extreme than a misdemeanor, does not involve jail time but can still add to a criminal record.


The penalty for Denver misdemeanor offenses varies extensively based on the intensity of the criminal offense. Charges can range from a fine for a small traffic violation to a jail sentence for more severe offenses like assault or DUI.

Denver Felony Records

If you think somebody may have a Denver felony conviction, you can inquire directly with the court. You can request copies from county courts or search online databases.

Denver Sex Offender Search

Different resources exist to assist in figuring out if there are registered sex offenders in the Denver area. Your local sheriff or police department may maintain a list of registered sex offenders, supplying a simple way to identify prospective risks.

Denver Dwi / Dui Records

A Denver DUI is categorized as a criminal offense. Penalties vary by state, including mandatory alcohol education classes, substantial fines, and even jail time.

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