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Colorado Springs inmate records are public information about people who have been convicted and are currently in correctional facilities. These records contain the inmate’s name, date, race, gender, offense, sentence length, and other details. Each state’s Department of Corrections and county jails maintains inmate records.

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Colorado Springs Resources

Colorado Springs Police Department (CSPD Inmate Search)
705 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 444-7000
Sex Offender Information
Records Release Requests

El Paso County Sheriff’s Office (EPCSD Inmate Search)
27 E Vermijo Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903
(719) 520-7100
Search for Inmates
Records Request
Detention Bureau

Combined Court (Felony, Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic, Domestic)
270 S Tejon Colorado Springs, CO 80901
Online Search
Online Search (Free Docket Search Back 6 Months)
On Location Search – Yes

El Paso County Jail
Phone: (719) 390-2000
Address: 2739 E Las Vegas St, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Community Corrections
(719) 520-6687
Address: 105 E Vermijo Ave #410, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Colorado Springs Jail Inmate Search Online

The internet is the best to do a Colorado Springs inmate search. You can search for inmates using various keywords, including race, gender, and name. You can also search inmates by their address and the type of facility that they are staying in. Click on the name of an inmate to see more details about them. You may find information about their sentence length, offense, and release date. The best way to find inmate records is to search the internet. You will find a lot of websites that can provide this information. Just enter the name of the inmate and search for their records.

Colorado State Prison VS County Jail

There are many distinctions between state prisons and county jails, the main one being the length of stay. Most individuals in prison serve sentences lasting at least one year. Inmates in jail only spend a few weeks. This difference is due in part to the fact prison is reserved primarily for serious offenders, while imprisonment is used for lesser crimes. 

Another critical distinction is security. Jails are usually less secure than prisons. This is because they are more temporary and can house a lower-risk population. 

Jails often have fewer amenities, like libraries or gymnasiums, than prisons. Inmates in prisons have access to more programs and services than those in jails. This includes job training and educational classes. These programs are a great way to help inmates succeed after being released.

Colorado Prison Inmate Search

You might be interested in finding someone currently in prison for various reasons. You might have an unresolved problem with them or want to visit an old friend. You can take several steps to find someone behind bars, regardless of the reason. 

First, go to the website of the Department of Corrections for the state in which the prison is located. Every state has its prisoner database, so it is vital to identify the state where the inmate you are searching for is located. 

Once you find the right website, search for the prisoner ID number or name. You will find basic information about most inmates, such as their location and release date. You can request a copy of the inmate’s records for a small fee. 

Colorado Springs Jail Inmate Search

There are several ways to locate someone in a Colorado Springs jail. First, contact your local sheriff’s office to ask them if they have any information about the person you are trying to find. If they have any information, they may be able to give you the phone number and address of the jail where the person is held. 

You can also use search engines such as Google and Yahoo! to locate someone in jail. It may surprise you to see how much information is available online. Just type the name of the person you are searching for, followed by “jail,” and watch the results pop up.

Colorado Springs Jail Mugshots

County jail mugshots are photographs of people who have been arrested and held in county jails. Mugshots are typically taken when a person is first arrested and are used to help identify the person if they are charged again. County jail mugshots are public records in most jurisdictions and can be found online.

Colorado Springs Jail Log

Jail logs often include the name, date, time of the arrest, and a list of charges. The information in these logs could be vital if you are concerned about a loved one who was arrested. You can request and get copies of the records in most instances.

Colorado Springs Jail Roster

A Colorado Springs jail roster is a list of the inmates currently being held at a specific jail. It will typically include the inmate’s name, booking date, as well the charges they are facing. The roster may also contain information on the inmate’s bail amount and whether or not they were sentenced.

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